Why is My Engine Noisy After Adding Oil?

Engine noise after an oil change can be a cause for concern for many car owners. While an oil change is a routine maintenance task that helps keep the engine running smoothly, sometimes it can lead to unexpected noises. Let’s explore some of the factors that might contribute to engine noise after adding oil:

  1. Using the Wrong Type of Oil: If you’ve used oil with the wrong viscosity or specifications, it can affect engine performance and generate noise. Use the oil that the maker of your automobile recommends at all times.
  2. Low Oil Levels: Insufficient oil can lead to increased friction between engine components, resulting in noise. Regularly check the amount of your oil and add more as necessary.
  3. Faulty Oil Filter: A clogged, or malfunctioning oil filter can restrict oil flow, causing noise. Ensure you replace the oil filter during oil changes.

Remember, if you experience engine noise after adding oil, it’s best to consult a professional mechanic for a thorough inspection and proper diagnosis. Ignoring unusual engine sounds could lead to further damage.

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