Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower Kohler Engine Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015: Ultimate Guide


The Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler engine uses the 2.5 Inch 25050015 oil filter. This filter ensures optimal performance and engine longevity.

Maintaining your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower is essential for its performance and durability. The Kohler engine, a key component, requires a specific oil filter for optimal function. The 2. 5 Inch 25050015 oil filter fits perfectly, ensuring the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Regularly changing the oil filter helps prevent engine wear and tear, extending the mower’s lifespan. Proper maintenance not only keeps your mower in top condition but also enhances its cutting performance. By using the correct oil filter, you protect your investment and ensure your mower operates at its best.

Introduction To Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower



The Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower is a top choice for efficient lawn care. It features a Kohler Engine and an oil filter that ensures smooth operation. This mower is designed for those who need reliability and performance.

Key Features

Feature Details
Engine Kohler
Cutting Width 42 Inches
Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015
Maneuverability Zero Turn Radius (ZTR)

Why Choose Toro?

Toro is known for quality and durability. Their products are built to last. The 42 Inch ZTR Mower is no exception. It offers a smooth ride and easy handling.

The Kohler Engine provides reliable power. It ensures your mower runs well. The 2.5 Inch Oil Filter (25050015) keeps the engine clean. This means less maintenance and more mowing.

The 42-inch cutting width covers more ground. You can mow large areas faster. The Zero Turn Radius allows for precise control. You can easily navigate around obstacles.

The Heart Of The Mower: Kohler Engine

The Kohler Engine is the powerhouse of the Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower. This engine ensures the mower runs smoothly and efficiently. Engine quality is crucial for performance and durability. Let’s dive into the specifics of this remarkable engine.

Engine Specifications

The Kohler Engine in the Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower is impressive. It features a 22 horsepower capacity, ensuring robust performance. The engine’s displacement is 725cc, providing ample power for demanding tasks.

Additionally, the engine has an overhead valve (OHV) design. This design enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The engine also includes a dual-element air filter for cleaner operation.

Specification Details
Horsepower 22 HP
Displacement 725cc
Design OHV
Air Filter Dual-element

Performance And Efficiency

The Kohler Engine excels in both performance and efficiency. It delivers consistent power, ensuring smooth mowing even on tough terrain. The engine’s design enhances fuel efficiency, saving you money on fuel costs.

Moreover, the dual-element air filter keeps the engine cleaner for longer. This means fewer maintenance intervals and a longer engine lifespan. With such features, the engine offers reliable and efficient performance every time you mow.

For homeowners seeking dependable power, the Kohler Engine is an excellent choice. It combines strength, efficiency, and durability, making mowing a breeze.

Importance Of Oil Filter In Kohler Engines

The oil filter in a Kohler engine plays a crucial role in maintaining engine health. It ensures clean oil circulates through the engine, removing impurities and contaminants. This process keeps the engine running smoothly and extends its life.

Role Of Oil Filter

The primary role of the oil filter is to clean the engine oil. It captures dirt, debris, and metal particles that can cause engine wear. Without a proper oil filter, these contaminants would circulate through the engine, causing damage.

  • Removes impurities from the engine oil
  • Prevents clogging of engine parts
  • Ensures smooth engine operation

High-quality oil filters, like the Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower Kohler Engine Oil Filter, are essential. They offer superior filtration and keep the engine components clean.

Impact On Engine Life

A good oil filter significantly impacts the life of the engine. Clean oil reduces friction between moving parts, minimizing wear and tear. This results in a longer-lasting engine with fewer breakdowns.

Benefit Impact
Reduced friction Less engine wear
Cleaner engine parts Improved performance
Fewer breakdowns Longer engine life

Using the correct oil filter can save you money on repairs. It also ensures your mower performs at its best, giving you a reliable and efficient machine.

Selecting The Right Oil Filter

Choosing the correct oil filter for your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler engine is crucial. The right filter ensures your mower runs smoothly. This guide helps you make an informed choice.


Ensure the oil filter matches your mower’s specifications. The Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler engine requires specific filters. Check your user manual for the model number 25050015.

Using the wrong filter can damage your engine. Always verify the part number.

Features To Look For

When choosing an oil filter, consider these key features:

  • Size: The filter should be 2.5 inches. This fits the Kohler engine perfectly.
  • Quality: Look for high-quality materials. This ensures durability and better performance.
  • Efficiency: A good filter should effectively remove contaminants. This keeps the oil clean and extends engine life.

Choosing the right oil filter can prolong your mower’s life. It also ensures optimal performance.

Feature Details
Size 2.5 inches
Model Number 25050015
Compatibility Kohler Engine

Ensure you replace the oil filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular maintenance keeps your mower in top condition.

Toro Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015: A Closer Look

The Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler Engine is a top-notch machine. To keep it running smoothly, the right oil filter is essential. The Toro Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015 is designed for this purpose. Let’s dive deep into the specifics of this oil filter.


Specification Details
Part Number 25050015
Size 2.5 Inches
Engine Compatibility Kohler Engine
Usage Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower
Material High-quality filter media

Benefits Of Using Toro’s Oil Filter

  • Enhanced Engine Life: The filter ensures clean oil circulates through the engine.
  • Improved Performance: Clean oil improves engine performance.
  • Easy Installation: The filter is easy to install on the Kohler engine.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.
  • Cost-Effective: Helps in reducing the frequency of oil changes.

The Toro Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015 offers many benefits. Its specifications make it an ideal choice for the Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower.

Step-by-step Guide To Changing The Oil Filter

Changing the oil filter on your Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower with a Kohler Engine is crucial. This guide walks you through the process. Follow these simple steps to ensure your mower runs smoothly.

Tools Needed

  • Oil filter wrench
  • Drain pan
  • New oil filter (Part No. 25050015)
  • Socket wrench
  • Gloves
  • Rags

Changing Procedure

  1. Park the mower on a level surface. Turn off the engine and allow it to cool.
  2. Place the drain pan under the oil drain plug. Use the socket wrench to remove the plug. Let the old oil drain completely.
  3. Use the oil filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Be cautious of any remaining oil that might spill.
  4. Clean the area around the filter mount with a rag. Ensure it’s free of debris.
  5. Apply a thin layer of new oil to the gasket of the new oil filter. This ensures a proper seal.
  6. Screw the new oil filter onto the engine by hand. Tighten it securely but avoid over-tightening.
  7. Replace the oil drain plug. Tighten it with the socket wrench.
  8. Fill the engine with the correct amount and type of new oil. Refer to the mower’s manual for specifications.
  9. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. Check for any leaks around the oil filter and drain plug.
  10. Turn off the engine and check the oil level. Add more oil if necessary.

Following this step-by-step guide will help maintain your Toro 42 Inch Ztr Mower in top condition. Regular oil filter changes extend the life of your mower.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Maintaining your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler Engine is crucial for its long-term performance. Sometimes, you might face issues that need quick fixes. This guide will help you troubleshoot common problems.

Leakage Problems

Oil leakage can disrupt your mowing experience. Leakage often happens around the oil filter. Check the filter for any visible cracks or damages. If you find any, replace the filter immediately.

Another common cause of leakage is improper installation. Ensure the filter is tightly secured. Use a wrench to tighten it if needed. Don’t over-tighten as it can damage the filter. Inspect the gasket to ensure it’s not worn out. A damaged gasket can also cause leaks.

Cause Solution
Cracked Filter Replace the filter
Loose Installation Tighten the filter
Worn-out Gasket Replace the gasket

Filter Replacement Mistakes

Replacing the oil filter seems simple, but common mistakes can occur. Always use the correct filter size, which is 2.5 inches for the Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower. Using an incorrect size can cause fitting issues.

Before installing the new filter, apply a small amount of oil on the gasket. This ensures a better seal and easier removal later. Skipping this step can make the filter difficult to remove in the future.

  1. Use the correct filter size
  2. Apply oil on the gasket
  3. Do not over-tighten the filter

Another mistake is forgetting to check the oil level after replacing the filter. Always check and top up the oil if needed. Running the mower with low oil can damage the engine.

  • Check oil level post-replacement
  • Top up oil if necessary

By following these steps, you can avoid common mistakes and keep your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower running smoothly.

Maintaining Your Toro Mower For Longevity

Keeping your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower in top condition ensures it lasts longer. Regular maintenance not only enhances its performance but also saves you money on repairs. Here’s how you can maintain your mower effectively.

Regular Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of your Toro mower is crucial. Follow these simple steps to keep your mower running smoothly:

  • Check the oil level: Make sure the oil level is between the marks on the dipstick. Use the Kohler Engine Oil Filter 2.5 Inch 25050015 for best results.
  • Clean the air filter: A dirty air filter can damage your engine. Replace it if necessary.
  • Inspect the blades: Sharp blades ensure a clean cut. Sharpen or replace them if they are dull.
  • Check tire pressure: Proper tire pressure ensures even mowing. Check and inflate tires as needed.
  • Clean the mower deck: Remove grass clippings and debris to prevent rust and improve performance.

When To Seek Professional Help

While regular maintenance can be done at home, there are times when professional help is necessary:

  1. Engine issues: If your mower’s engine is hard to start or runs erratically, consult a professional.
  2. Transmission problems: If you notice unusual noises or difficulty in shifting gears, it’s time for expert help.
  3. Electrical issues: Problems with the battery or wiring should be handled by a technician.
  4. Complex repairs: For issues beyond basic maintenance, professional service is recommended.

Maintaining your Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with the right practices and timely professional help ensures its longevity. By following these tips, you can keep your mower in excellent condition for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Oil Filter Fits A Toro 42-inch Ztr Mower?

The Toro 42-inch ZTR mower with a Kohler engine requires the 2. 5-inch oil filter, part number 25050015. This ensures optimal performance and engine longevity.

How Often Should You Change The Oil Filter?

Change the oil filter every 50 hours of operation or at least once per season. Regular maintenance ensures the mower runs efficiently.

Where Can I Buy The Toro Oil Filter?

You can purchase the Toro 2. 5-inch oil filter, part number 25050015, from authorized Toro dealers, online marketplaces, or hardware stores.

How Do I Replace The Oil Filter On My Toro Mower?

To replace the oil filter, drain the old oil, unscrew the old filter, and install the new one. Refer to your mower’s manual for detailed instructions.


Choosing the Toro 42 Inch ZTR Mower with a Kohler Engine ensures top performance. The 2. 5 Inch oil filter, part number 25050015, is essential for maintaining your mower. Regular maintenance keeps your equipment running smoothly. Invest in quality parts for long-lasting results.

Keep your lawn looking pristine with this reliable mower.

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