Best 12V Oil Extractor Pump: Quick & Efficient Solutions


The best 12V oil extractor pump is the MAKERELE Oil Extractor Pump for efficient oil extraction and transfer. It is portable, electric, self-priming, and powerful, available for $43.99 on

Are you tired of messy oil changes for your vehicles? Investing in a reliable 12V oil extractor pump can make the process quick and hassle-free. One such top-rated pump is the MAKERELE Oil Extractor Pump, designed for easy engine oil extraction and transfer.

With its portable and powerful electric self-priming gear pump, this extractor ensures a smooth oil change experience. Available for $43. 99 on Amazon. com, this pump is a cost-effective solution for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Say goodbye to messy oil changes and streamline the process with the MAKERELE Oil Extractor Pump.

Best 12V Oil Extractor Pump: Quick & Efficient Solutions


Introduction To 12v Oil Extractor Pumps

Discover the efficiency of the best 12V Oil Extractor Pump for hassle-free oil changes in vehicles. Portable and powerful, these pumps offer quick and convenient oil extraction anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to messy oil changes with these handy tools at your disposal.

12V Oil Extractor Pumps are innovative tools designed to simplify the process of changing oil in vehicles and machinery. These compact and portable devices are powered by a 12-volt DC power source, making them ideal for use in various settings, from home garages to professional workshops.

Benefits Of Using A 12v Oil Extractor

  • Efficiency: Saves time and effort by quickly extracting oil without the need to remove drain plugs.
  • Cleanliness: Helps prevent spills and mess during oil changes, keeping work areas tidy.
  • Versatility: Suitable for extracting oil from engines, gearboxes, and other components with ease.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and use in various locations.

How Oil Extractors Revolutionize Oil Changes

Oil extractors have transformed the way oil changes are performed, offering a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional methods. By utilizing suction power, these pumps extract oil through the dipstick tube or other access points, eliminating the need to crawl under vehicles or remove parts. This innovative approach not only simplifies the process but also reduces the risk of spills and injuries associated with manual draining. With a 12V oil extractor pump, oil changes become quicker, cleaner, and more hassle-free, making them a valuable tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

Types Of 12v Oil Extractor Pumps

When it comes to 12V oil extractor pumps, it’s important to understand the different types available on the market. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, choosing the right type of oil extractor pump can make a significant difference in the efficiency and ease of oil extraction.

Manual Vs. Electric Extractors

Manual oil extractors are operated by hand, making them suitable for small-scale oil extraction tasks. On the other hand, electric oil extractors are powered by electricity, offering a more convenient and efficient solution for larger extraction jobs.

Comparing Top Models

When comparing top 12V oil extractor pump models, it’s essential to consider factors such as extraction capacity, build quality, and ease of use. Here’s a comparison of some popular models:

Brand Model Price Retailer
VEVOR Portable Electric Self-Priming Powerful Gear Pump $43.99
Ironton Manual Oil Extractor $19.99 Northern Tool
MAKERELE Oil Extractor Pump for Engine Oil Extraction $24.99 Academy Sports + Outdoors

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider customer reviews and ratings to gauge the overall satisfaction and performance of each model. By comparing these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best 12V oil extractor pump for your specific needs.

Selecting The Right Pump For Your Vehicle

Compatibility Considerations

When choosing a 12V oil extractor pump for your vehicle, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility with your specific make and model. Ensure that the pump is designed to work with your vehicle’s engine and oil system to avoid any potential issues or damage.

Pump Capacity And Power

Another key factor to consider is the pump’s capacity and power. Ensure that the pump has the capacity to extract the required amount of oil from your vehicle’s engine. Additionally, verify that the power of the pump aligns with your vehicle’s oil viscosity and extraction needs.

Best 12V Oil Extractor Pump: Quick & Efficient Solutions


Features To Look For In An Oil Extractor Pump

Discovering the best 12V oil extractor pump involves seeking key features like portability, self-priming capability, and a powerful gear pump for efficient oil extraction. Ease of use and durability are essential factors to consider when selecting the ideal oil extractor pump for your needs.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

When looking for an oil extractor pump, it’s important to consider its ease of use and maintenance. The best 12V oil extractor pumps are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Some features to look for include a clear and easy-to-read oil level gauge, a large-capacity tank, and a durable and flexible hose. Additionally, consider the pump’s maintenance requirements, such as the frequency of oil changes and the ease of cleaning.

Durability And Reliability

Durability and reliability are key factors to consider when choosing an oil extractor pump. You want a pump that will last for years to come and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Look for a pump with a sturdy construction, high-quality materials, and a powerful motor. Additionally, consider the pump’s warranty and customer support to ensure that you have access to assistance and repairs if needed.


Price is another important factor to consider when looking for an oil extractor pump. While you want to invest in a high-quality pump that will last for years, you also want to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. Compare prices and features of different pumps to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs. When considering the features of an oil extractor pump, it’s important to think about your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, there’s a pump out there that’s right for you. By choosing a pump with the right features and specifications, you can make oil changes and maintenance tasks quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Top 12v Oil Extractor Pumps Reviewed

Discover the top 12V oil extractor pumps reviewed, featuring efficient and reliable options for your oil extraction needs. These pumps offer convenience and ease of use, making them the best choice for DIY oil changes and maintenance tasks.

Top 12V Oil Extractor Pumps Reviewed Changing the oil in your car is a necessary maintenance task that can be messy and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the help of a 12V oil extractor pump, you can make the process much easier and cleaner. These pumps are designed to extract oil from the engine through the dipstick tube, eliminating the need to crawl under the car and remove the drain plug. In this article, we will review the top 12V oil extractor pumps on the market, highlighting the pros and cons of each. We’ll also provide two H3 headings: Best budget-friendly options and Premium models worth the investment, to help you find the right pump for your needs and budget. Best budget-friendly options If you’re looking for an affordable 12V oil extractor pump, there are plenty of options available. Here are some of the best budget-friendly models: 1. Northern Tool – Ironton Manual Oil Extractor: This manual pump is an affordable option for those who don’t need a lot of power. It’s easy to use and can extract up to 1.5 liters of oil at a time. 2. Temu – MAKERELE Oil Extractor Pump: This portable electric pump is another great budget option. It’s self-priming and can extract up to 3 liters of oil per minute. 3. Harbor Freight Tools: Harbor Freight Tools offers several affordable 12V oil extractor pumps, including the Pittsburgh Automotive Oil Extractor and the Pittsburgh Automotive Multi-Use Transfer Pump. Both are easy to use and can extract oil quickly and efficiently. Premium models worth the investment If you’re willing to spend a little more money, there are several premium 12V oil extractor pumps that are worth the investment. Here are some of the best options: 1. West Marine – Jabsco Porta Quick Oil Changer: This powerful pump is designed for professional use and can extract up to 10 liters of oil per minute. It’s also self-priming and can be used for a variety of other fluids, including diesel and water. 2. VEVOR – Electric Oil Pump: This electric pump is another great option for those who need more power. It’s self-priming and can extract up to 4 liters of oil per minute. 3. Grainger Industrial Supply – Dayton Oil Change System: This system includes a powerful electric pump and a large capacity tank, making it ideal for commercial use. It can extract up to 14 liters of oil per minute and is designed to work with a variety of different engines. In conclusion, there are plenty of 12V oil extractor pumps on the market to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly options to premium models. By considering your needs and budget, you can find the right pump to make your oil changes faster and easier than ever before.

User Experiences And Recommendations

Discover the top 12V Oil Extractor Pump options based on user experiences and recommendations. From electric to manual pumps, find the perfect tool for easy oil extraction and transfer. Explore a range of affordable prices and features to suit your needs.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Expert Endorsements

Practical Tips For Using An Oil Extractor

Discover practical tips for effectively utilizing the best 12V oil extractor pump. Ensure the engine is warm before extraction, maintain a secure connection, and monitor the fluid level during the process for optimal results. Efficient and hassle-free oil extraction made simple.

Step-by-step Extraction Process

Using a 12V oil extractor pump can greatly simplify the process of changing oil in your vehicle or machinery. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using an oil extractor pump:

  1. Prepare the extractor pump: Ensure that the oil extractor pump is clean and free of any debris or contaminants. Connect the power source, typically a 12V battery, to the pump.
  2. Warm up the engine: Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to warm up the oil, making it easier to extract.
  3. Locate the oil dipstick: Remove the oil dipstick from the engine and insert the extraction tube of the pump into the dipstick tube.
  4. Begin extraction: Turn on the pump to start extracting the old oil from the engine. Monitor the process to ensure that all the oil is being effectively removed.
  5. Complete the extraction: Once all the old oil has been extracted, turn off the pump and remove the extraction tube from the engine.
  6. Dispose of the old oil: Safely dispose of the old oil in accordance with local regulations and environmental guidelines.

Safety And Troubleshooting

When using a 12V oil extractor pump, it’s important to prioritize safety and be prepared to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise. Here are some safety tips and troubleshooting measures to consider:

  • Wear protective gear: Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling oil and operating the extractor pump to prevent any potential injuries.
  • Check for leaks: Before starting the extraction process, inspect the pump and its connections for any signs of leaks or damage. Address any issues before proceeding.
  • Monitor oil temperature: Be mindful of the temperature of the oil being extracted, as it may be hot. Allow the engine to cool down if necessary before starting the extraction.
  • Inspect the extraction tube: Ensure that the extraction tube is properly inserted into the dipstick tube and that it remains securely in place throughout the extraction process.
  • Troubleshooting: If the pump experiences a loss of suction or any other issues during extraction, double-check the connections, power source, and the condition of the pump itself.
Best 12V Oil Extractor Pump: Quick & Efficient Solutions


Maintenance And Care For Your Oil Extractor Pump

To maintain and care for your 12V oil extractor pump, regularly clean the pump and hoses to remove any oil residue. Check for any signs of wear and tear, and ensure that all connections are secure to prevent leaks during oil extraction.

Proper maintenance will help to prolong the life and efficiency of your oil extractor pump.

Cleaning And Storage

Regular cleaning and proper storage are essential to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your 12V oil extractor pump. After each use, clean the pump thoroughly using a mild detergent and water. Ensure all residue is removed to prevent clogs.

Common Issues And How To Solve Them

  • Issue: Pump not working
  • Solution: Check power source and connections
  • Issue: Leakage
  • Solution: Inspect seals and gaskets for damage
  • Issue: Low suction power
  • Solution: Clean or replace the filter

Where To Buy 12v Oil Extractor Pumps

Looking to purchase a 12V oil extractor pump? Here are some convenient options for buying these essential tools.

Retail Options

When it comes to retail locations, you can find 12V oil extractor pumps at various stores:

  • Northern Tool – Price: $49.99
  • Harbor Freight Tools – Price: $59.99
  • West Marine – Price: $154.99
  • Academy Sports + Outdoors – Price: $24.99
  • Walmart – Price: $27.48
  • Wholesale Marine – Price: $180.99

Online Marketplaces

For online shopping, consider the following platforms offering a range of 12V oil extractor pumps:

Vendor Price Shipping Details $79.99 Free shipping
Temu $15 Sale
VEVOR $53.99 Special offer
eBay $24.60
Alternative Fuel Mecca $1,170.00

Evaluating Price Points And Deals

Before making a purchase, compare prices and offers on different platforms to ensure you get the best deal for your 12V oil extractor pump.

  • Consider discounts like the 6% off offer on for a pump priced at $29.50.
  • Look out for special promotions, such as the sale on VEVOR pumps priced at $67.99.
  • Check for free shipping options available on various online marketplaces.

Future Of Oil Extraction Technology

As technology advances, the future of oil extraction is being reshaped by innovative equipment such as the 12V oil extractor pump. These cutting-edge devices are revolutionizing the way oil is extracted, offering enhanced efficiency, portability, and environmental benefits. In this article, we delve into the future of oil extraction technology, exploring the latest innovations and the environmental impact of oil extraction.

Innovations On The Horizon

Oil extraction technology is constantly evolving, with new innovations on the horizon that promise to streamline the extraction process and reduce environmental impact. One such innovation is the development of 12V oil extractor pumps that are designed to be more compact, portable, and efficient than traditional extraction methods. These pumps utilize advanced technology to extract oil with minimal waste and maximum precision, making them an invaluable tool for various industries.

The Environmental Impact Of Oil Extraction

The environmental impact of oil extraction is a critical consideration in the development of new extraction technologies. 12V oil extractor pumps are designed with eco-friendly features that minimize the release of harmful emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the extraction process. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, these pumps are paving the way for a more responsible approach to oil extraction that aligns with the growing focus on green energy and conservation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oil Extractor Pumps Any Good?

Yes, oil extractor pumps are good for easily and cleanly removing oil from vehicles. They provide a convenient and efficient way to change oil without the mess. These pumps are especially useful for DIY car maintenance.

What Is The Pump For Getting Oil Out Of The Engine?

The pump used for getting oil out of the engine is called an oil extractor pump. It can be manual or electric and is designed to suction the oil out through the dipstick tube or oil drain plug. Electric oil transfer pumps are also available for faster and more efficient oil extraction.

What Are The Most Popular Oil Pumps?

The most popular oil pumps include electric oil transfer pumps, dipstick oil extractors, and professional-grade oil extractors. These pumps can be found on various platforms such as Amazon, Northern Tool, Harbor Freight Tools, and West Marine, among others. Prices range from $13.

76 to $203. 18, depending on the type and brand of the oil pump.

Can You Use A Fluid Extractor To Do An Oil Change?

Yes, you can use a fluid extractor to perform an oil change. It’s a convenient and mess-free method.


The 12V oil extractor pump offers a convenient and efficient solution for oil changes. With its versatile applications and user-friendly design, this pump simplifies the process of extracting and transferring oil. Its affordability and reliability make it a valuable tool for automotive maintenance and DIY enthusiasts alike.


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